Organic is all about working with nature, not against it. Having something organic is having it in its natural form, as it comes from the earth.

4 Lovely Organic Wedding Ideas

When compared to fashion, style, or color, an organic approach would be to have things relatively simple, clean, and working with the natural resources that you have access too with care and respect.

Tips to Have a Great Organic Wedding

 We have some organic wedding ideas as fresh as Black Car Service Denver loves.

You may want to think about organic in terms of materials. If you would like to have your wedding emit a wondrous organic feel, skip the plastic. Instead of using any type of plastic bowls, plates, décor, or the like. Go for organic. Wooden bowls can add a Zen feel your reception or cocktail tables.

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Use nature as your backdrop. Instead of buying a flimsy cloth to hang behind the altar, have a look into this style as modern as our Denver Charter Bus. Wooden blinds, bound bamboo, weaved twigs, vines, wheat, weeds, and flowers all make a serene backdrop that you can get a little creative with.

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Say “I do,” in the countryside. Grab Denver Car Service and scope out places of interest. The best parts are, you have a tranquil and organic environment that surrounds you and your guests.


Provide a menu as honest as a School Bus Rental Denver can trust with organic selections. Try speaking with a local organic farm for the freshest selections. Call/Text today – 800-942-6281