Are you scared that you will be singing “Rain, rain, go away, come again another day,” during your wedding?

Well think again! A rainy-day wedding can be one of the most fun and romantic events period!

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Whether it’s raining while on your way to the venue in a Party Bus Washington loves, or if it pours during the ceremony, you can choose to accept the rain and let it transform your big day into something really beautiful.


Two lovers in the rain—that’s a sweet picture to reminisce over. If you already know that it’s probably going to rain, then you have the opportunity to use it to your advantage. From weather décor, like mini-windmills, to fun water games that your guests will love.

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Make your wedding as memorable as a Party Bus DC will talk about for years to come. Water games can be a super exciting way to get the two sides of your family to bond. Try the pail game.

For this, you’ll need to create teams between your guests, each team will have one large pail, and each person is given a small pail. The object is to set the teams loose to collect water in their mini-pails and fill up the larger one that represents their team. Whichever team fills their bucket up first—wins.


Want to have as much fun as you did on a DC Charter Bus Rental, grab a slip and slide.

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Need a way to keep the kids busy? Give them sandcastle toys to collect water.


Muddy shoes? Try having a barefoot water wedding!


Stay dry in our DC Motor Coach Service on your way back to the hotel.

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