So you want to have a party Knoxville can be proud of…It seems simple right? Tell people when and where it is, rent a chauffeured Knoxville Party Bus Rental and get down to it.

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But maybe in the past only half the people you invited show up. Why? Just like we talked about the secret of the perfect party in our previous blogs, you also have to have a bit of method when it comes to inviting your friends.

When. How. Where. Why.

When. Letting your guests know ahead of time is crucial. You can’t expect to get guests to show up if you only let them know two weeks ahead of time. Try a month and a half. Send invites via email and social media. Then remind them via text or phone call when it gets closer.

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How. How will people be involved? How to they see their role at your party? Do they imagine themselves walking in Knoxville Bus Rental, trying to be social and failing miserably? Do they imagine themselves bored? Who knows? But what you can do is make sure that your guests feel like they are involved with the party–like they belong. Ask your friends if they want part in it. Setting up, decorating, creating a playlist, bringing food, games, and so on.

Where. Are you throwing a party at your house? Do you always throw a party at your house? If you want guests to come flooding in the doors—change the location. Do something different and enticing. Grab a party Motor Coach Bus Knoxville will be excited to party in.

Why. Why should they come? Give them a way to get there, so they can’t say not and escort them to the party in a Knoxville Charter Bus. Get Instant price quotes today – 800-942-6281

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