There are bound to be disagreements when it comes to planning your wedding.

Don’t be discouraged, disagreements can be an opportunity to learn about each other, communicate, and discover the wants and needs of yourself as well as your significant other.

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If you do happen to clash, there are ways you can overcome it together and come to a common understanding or at least a good compromise.

If you want your partner to see your view, the last thing you want to do is become aggressive or defensive and try to force your point upon them. In fact, if you resort to this you will be moving backwards, and probably give your significant other more reasons not to agree with you.

So before you create a physical space in which communication becomes easy like great Corporate Car Service—you have to be ready mentally and emotionally as well.

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Something else that shouldn’t be done is trying to talk about things that are really important to you two with a deadline looming over your heads. So setting out a time specifically for you two talk is very important. Take a ride using reliable Corporate Car Services.


If you feel like the conversation can get critical, there is a few rules of thumb that can make your partner’s experience less crushing. It’s said if you say 3 good things about them and their ideas to every 1 bad thing—that you can help keep their head above water and stay less defensive.

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Choose a great setting to communicate in. A park is a perfect example, as almost as good as our Airport Town Car Service.

As for the specific environment, try using lamps instead of overhead lighting and candles to produce a relaxing and open atmosphere.


If things get heavy, mention a good memory, “Remember that time we partied while cruising in our Airport Limo Service.” Call/Text today at 800-942-6281

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