Mistakes are inevitable, after all it’s how we learn. Many newlyweds have absolutely amazing weddings day regrets.

While others have a couple of things they wish they should have done. Luckily, we’ve heard from local partners who have shared their main wedding day regrets in hopes that others will be more attentive to their needs and have a big day as smooth as a Cincinnati Limousine.

Cincinnati Charter Bus - Wedding Day Regrets

“I can’t remember my wedding! It was all just a blur.” This can come to be from a few external and internal reasons.

One is being overly nervous. Anxiety has a way of clouding the mind. By using a great Cincinnati Charter Bus Rental, breathing exercises, and an inner monologue to remind yourself to slow down, you can work to create the best wedding memories. Secondly, over-drinking can result in a cloudy memory the next day. Be sure to pace yourself. Stick to no more than one drink an hour and try to drink water in between.

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“I was so worried about my guests that I felt like I hardly talked to my partner.” It’s easy to get wrapped up in your guests needs. Do they need Cincinnati Limo Service? Have they signed the guestbook? Did I say “Hi” to everyone? And be attentive to your partner’s feelings as well.

“It started a bit messy; I wish there was some way we could have avoided that.” Poor directions and navigation can be avoided by providing a Cincinnati Charter Bus for guests from the airport. Creating a web-site with a time-line can make sure everyone moves on cue.

How Did You Keep Your Wedding Regret-Free, Share with Us in The Comments!