You’re rolling through DC in a limo on the way to your wedding. You haven’t eaten well this morning, since it’s been a little hectic and you pass a fast food restaurant. You’re nervous and a milkshake and french fries sounds like it would be pretty amazing right now… Of course our remarkable chauffeurs at Nationwide would say, “not a problem,” but stick to your guns, or guts and just say to yourself , “I’ll pass!” Because honestly, your body isn’t going to get any nutritional value from it.


Come on now don’t roll your eyes DC, eating healthy is important! Better eating habits have gained a good bit of popularity since we have seen through science and ourselves, what it really can do for our bodies.

After all you want to have enough energy throughout your wedding and you want to be your best! We’ve all heard the saying you are what you eat, so if you eat a heavy or greasy meal before the wedding, you’re probably going to feel a little rundown right? Your body craves the right nutrients to keep it going, so fuel the fire for the big day—the fire that is your tummy of course…

So what’s on the menu?


Find ‘fit’ in the water!

Pollock- One serving of Pollock gives your body about 70% of your daily need of selenium, which combats depression and arthritis.

Salmon-This good fat filled fish provides your body with almost 500 IU’s of vitamin D, for a mood booster!

Rainbow Trout- Sporting not only 20 grams of protein, but nearly 1000 milligrams of omega 3’s. Omegas help lubricate joints, protect your brain and memory and can raise your good cholesterol.

Fry it in canola!

Canola oil had the lowest amount of saturated fat and has a good mix of alpha-linoleic and linoleic acids.

Pop in the produce!

Mushy love! If you can add mushrooms to a dish, then throw em’ in! The ancient Egyptians loved them so much, they thought that mushrooms could help you live forever! Mushrooms provide your body with more potassium than a banana, which can help lower blood pressure. Shiitake mushrooms can also help fight cold, increasing your resistance to viruses and ironically fungi as well.


Bring on the fruit group! You can still have your chocolate covered strawberries and reap the benefits of healthy nutrients. Strawberries are high in vitamin C, potassium and folate. Blueberries are also high in vitamin C and folate, as well as fiber and calcium. Both are full of antioxidants that help combat cancer and raise your immune system.


Gobble up garlic! You don’t have to be Italian to love Garlic. Just like mushrooms, if you have an excuse to add garlic—go for it! Garlic has got to be one of my favorites, and also a favorite to ancient Egypt and Chinese cultures. Garlic attacks bad cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and is a superhero for your immune system. Garlic can kill viruses, fungi, mold, yeast and parasites; it is so powerful that it can destroy H. pylori, salmonella, E coli and candida. No wonder vampires were scared of it! (If you’re worried about garlic breath, add fresh parsley for your guests to chew on, it’s a natural breath freshener!)


What is your power food? A food that makes your body say, “Oh my god! Thank you!” Share with us in the comments!