A wise person once told me that you don’t need a fussy wedding to be happy. You can have five people at your wedding and still feel blissful and eternal happiness. Although you won’t be able to have a conversation that starts with, “Remember at the wedding when…” with people closest to you or your spouse, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fairytale wedding of your own. You don’t need expensive centerpieces (that no one will remember), food and hors d’oeuvres (that no one appreciates), and the wedding vows (that most people don’t hear), because they are almost drunk by that time.
Boston Limousine RentalEloping means that not only you will be saving an awful lot of money, but you will share it with the person that you love the most in this world. However, if you forgo having bridesmaid and the groom’s party at the wedding, remember to hire an exceptional wedding photographer to document your surreal wedding by having Boston limousine rental. This will help you tell your story to your family, friends and even children someday.
Eloping always meets with strong reactions from others, but eventually it is your decision. Some people might be upset and some might be shocked, but when you are eloping for marriage, expect to get surprising reactions from all your loved ones. Although, you might want to smooth over some emotional ruffles, you don’t need to justify your wedding choice to anyone. Expect that it may take some time when they will be able to share your wedding joy, but until then, acknowledge their grievance because if you don’t, they might not let go of it.


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It might even make you a little sad and you might feel a little guilty for depriving your parents and friends from participating in the happiest day of your life, but remember that why you made the decision in the first place and that you weren’t wrong to listen to your heart. Although there are less wedding elements and guests, when you are eloping, but it doesn’t have to be a casual affair. You can elope and still have your dream wedding. Some people call eloping a way to save money or simply lazy, but there are many examples when elopement was an awkward experience for most couples. However, it is quite possible to have a fairytale wedding when you elope still enjoy by having Boston limo service.
Booking a remote cabin by the waterfall or a beach hut or a honeymoon suite at a luxury resort will be the first step of making your wedding extra special. Take some days off work and go on a vacation with your closest friends (or even just your spouse). If you decide to have friends at your wedding, help them get accommodations and plan fun activities throughout the vacation. Schedule the wedding with our affordable Wedding Limo Service before the end of the vacation, and have a ceremony, which is free from expectations and stress and hire some limo service in Boston and Boston Car Service. With an elopement, you have the chance to prolong your wedding celebration to a number of days, and having fun for a few days at a romantic getaway can be memorable and ecstatic.
Most of the wedding guests forget about the wedding the next day, but your fairytale wedding will be imprinted on the minds of the handful of guests. Invite the people who you feel closer to and who are special to you. If you don’t want a tropical vacation, plan an elopement at home like Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg. Although eloping to a special vacation spot can make your wedding spectacular and memorable, sharing your joy with those closest to you at home will be just as beautiful.