A Word about Haircut

Avoid making the mistake of running to a barber at the eleventh hour. Your haircut needs some time to settle and there are more important tasks to be performed during final days so you must not waste your time sitting at the barber’s saloon as the final days of your wedding ceremony approach.

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Same theory as the haircut, plan it in advance and have a facial from a reputable parlor at least one week before your wedding ceremony. Do not think that you would be able to walk out of a saloon right into the wedding venue. Skin related problems like pimples can generate from facial making you look weird at the wedding ceremony therefore do it at least one week before so that you have sufficient time to visit your dermatologist.

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Shaving just before the reception will probably leave a rash on your skin and shaving too early would result in a look like you haven’t shaved. It is better that you plan a luxury wet shave with your barber and take an appointment with him a month before the ceremony so that you look charming at the wedding reception.

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