Do you love Mario? I mean really love Mario? You love your partner more of course—but you could always talk to your Cincinnati Limo Service and have them set the limo up so one your favorite game theme songs play as soon as you enter the limo.

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Rent an Atari or any arcade machines. Waca-Waca! Bring Pac Man onto the scene and have short and sweet competitions.

Have your after party at Dave and Busters or someplace like it and challenge your friends and family on old-school arcade games that never get old!

Customize a Limo Rental Cincinnati will love. Decorate the inside like Aladdin’s palace. Or rent a Cincinnati charter bus for your family and decorate it so they will be amazed when they climb aboard.

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If you are a new age gamer than you will love this idea. Reach out to your gamer friends, you’re bound to know someone who has a Sega Genesis or a Nintendo in their attic. Ask them if you can borrow it for the wedding and setup TV’s for each system and have a little gaming area.

Remember that you will probably have hunt down an older TV since a lot of the newer models don’t have the same inputs. The adults will love the throwback and the kids will be utterly confused on why it’s so great.


Did you incorporate your gaming into your wedding?

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