Get Your Best Friend to Marry You and Your Fiance
Family Love–Bring Us Back Home
Home is Where the Heart is
Are You Justice of the Peace Material?
The Wedding depends on you!

Love birds of DC! Before you hire the pastor, limousine company and all the bells and whistles… Did you ever consider this? Are you Justice of the Peace material? Did you know you could actually become a Justice of the Peace or someone you love and trust could? Want something really unique for your wedding? Get your best friend to marry you and your fiance!

Just recently I was asked by a cousin who I had not seen in quite sometime if I would marry her and her finance. I didn’t even know she had gotten engaged! We are so busy now a days that we forget things, blow off reunions and our family drifts out ‘there’…somewhere. With preparing for my own wedding, moving into a new home, to a new city, I became lost in the hustle and bustle of this new life. (Living in Northern VA and DC can do that to you 😉 Life can get crazy when trying to pack so many routines into the small availability of 24 hours per day, plus sleep! Forget it!
Well, when my cousin asked if I would marry her and husband, I was speechless. Since, I have for one-never been asked that question and two, didn’t even know it was possible!

There are a few requirements to be able to become a Justice of the Peace.

● While misdemeanors are overlooked in this case, a Felony will prevent you from becoming a Justice of the Peace
● You must be a resident in the state in which you will be marrying couples in.
● A full national and state background check must be ran, as well as submit your fingerprints.
● Have or earn a Bachelor’s degree in any subject.


Not to mention, if there is a religion difference between the families, maybe a simple Justice of the Peace could solve the problem. They could read personally written vows, or maybe something Shakespeare? Latin?

After a long pause of silence I shook my head and said…..”Well yeah! I’ll do it! During that long moment of silence, which wasn’t silent for me, but rather–much brain chatter. With in that internal dialogue, my mind sorted through questions of why? and why not? This is what I settled with:
Family will always bring us back home, because home is where the heart is and it’s our hearts that have left either fire or rain in the hearts of family members and those with who you have left fire with, will surely turn into a spark…sooner or later.

Family brings out the best in us, the smiles your siblings string across your face because of the corky things they do. The silent bond between a man and his father. A mother and a daughters link of life giving unconditional love (and discipline.) It all drags your mind out of the drab routines and carries your mind back to link with your heart–once again.

Family is embedded in your soul, (and genes) whether we like it or not.

So when she asked me, if I would marry her and her new love, it was calling of fate to bring us back together as family, to bring the family together once again. If only for a wedding, the moments will forever live on in our hearts.

When you can feel love radiating around a smiling couple, it’s invigorating, energizing and inspiring. Excited and honored, I am allowed to take part in the beauty of it all and so could you…

So if you have a Bachelor’s degree and don’t mind signing your life away to background checks, you can actually become a Justice of the Peace. Besides a little paperwork, think of how awesome that would be? Everytime you show up to marry two people, the venue is filled with love, people are laughing, some are dancing, drinking and having a great time.