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Your Four Legged Friend as Your Ring Bearer

While you may be waiting a while for your ring to arrive, guests will be thrilled…

To my unique DC pet-lovers! We don’t want an overly conventional wedding right? So why not skip the normal ring bearer and replace it with your favorite family pet? I’m sure toto would love to honor his beloved owners with a sweet surprise!


Invite your pet to participate in your wedding! Not only can you use your pet as the ring bearer, but even as the best man, because a dogs loyalty is like no other.

Since the beginning of time, dogs were used as a symbol of fidelity. They have been found throughout history on cave walls, in painting, poetry, novels, and have been worshipped and highly revered in religions such as Hinduism, Christianity and Ancient Egyptian practices.

If they are a part of your family, don’t be hesitant to bring them along if you want too. I’m sure they would want to be a part of your special day as well.

If you want your dog to be a part of your wedding, but are not sure if they will be able to walk the ring down the aisle; try a professional trainer in the DC area.


This is really neat–owls trained to be ring bearers. Imagine this enchanting animal soaring through the church aisle, and then swooping down to the grooms hands. With it, bringing along that final tie between two souls–the ring.

Adds almost a mythical quality to the wedding, although still very elegant.


While many cultures do not have a positive image associated with owls, ancient greece believed owls to be a sign of good fortune.

Watch your guest raise their feet off of the floor with this next one.

While your mother may be terrified, rats are quite smart and can easily be trained by their keen sense of smell.
In chinese culture, symbolism of the rat is associated with fertility. Newly weds would come home to their bedroom decorated with paper cutouts of little red rats (now has been replaced with figures and dolls) in hope for the wife to carry a child in the near future.

If you don’t feel like you’re the traditional couple, why settle for the common wedding traditions? Mix it up, make it special. Stir up your audience, have a good laugh, have fun and make it our own! Create a lasting impression in your, your lovers’ and fuzzy friends’ heart.