Discover 3 Hidden Gems in Houston with our Charter Bus Houston. Things are never really what they seem.  For instance, those perfect Instagram shots where you are standing alone in the middle of a quiet street, or a picture where you are in the midst of a wooden bridge and have your face skywards is a bit hard to reenact. You know why? That’s because in most cases it is crowded with a flow of people who’ll keep coming in your shot.

Sometimes, you just wish to visit a place where you are among the few ones to appreciate its beauty. Fortunately, Pittsburgh has a number of these off-the-beaten-path places and with Charter Bus Houston it is easier to reach there too.

Allow us to enlighten you with the four of these off the beaten path places so you can book a Mini Bus Rental Houston at once and have your one-on-one with the nature:

1.      James Turrell’s Twilight Epiphany Sky space

In the depths of the Rice University, this gem is located just waiting to be discovered. We urge you to seek twilight or sunrise to visit this place and bask in the beauty as the light reflects with the aperture in knife-edge roof and baths the Sky space and the entire surrounding campus with natural beauty.

2.      Archbishop Joseph A Fiorenza Park

Does anything lift up your mood better than witnessing a beautiful sunset? It has a way of making even the worst days feel good as it ends with such splendid beauty in the Archbishop Joseph A Fiorenza Park. It is a bit off of Eldrige so you can get there in a Houston Charter Bus Rental and pass the time by fishing, walking, riding, and just enjoying the nature is general.

3.      Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

A beautiful place with a spiritual connection can become tenfold more peaceful and interesting. Ask the chauffeur of the Party Bus Houston to drive to the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. And there you can treat your eyes with the architectural magnificence.  Book Your Charter Bus Houston Adventure Today with Nationwide Chauffeured Services!