Even if you have been to a handful of weddings, getting the schedule the way you want it can be a bit of an art.

There are opportunities to get ready for the next event in line while one is currently happening, and this is where you are save time!

Easy Evening Wedding Schedule Everyone will Appreciate

Then there are the setbacks, be it that the kitchen is running behind so you extend cocktail hour, or the Las Vegas Limo Service gets there early, but the best man still hasn’t arrived. It’s best just to realize that nothing will ever go exactly as planned, but if you are okay with that things can still go smoothly; allowing a little extra time for mishaps can also soften the blow to your schedule.


The typical wedding evening timeline is as follows:


10:00—Bride and groom arrive in a Las Vegas Limousine Rental. Hair and makeup, preparing, final additions to the venue.


11:30-2:00—Vendors and helping hands arrive and set up, close family arrive if they haven’t already.


2:00—Family photos, grabbing a limo or Black Car Service Las Vegas can rely on for transportation to a new location if needed.


3:00—Doors open, guests begin showing up, and socialize.


4:00-4:15—Ceremony begins.

4:40—Ceremony ends & cocktail hour begins.


5:45-6:00—Move guests to diner area and open buffet.


7:15—Dancing starts.

Las Vegas Limousine Rental
From there you can decide when you would like to cut off the music and start sending guests home. You can also decide what time is appropriate to cut the cake, typically this occurs before or a little after the dancing, so if guests need to catch their Las Vegas Car Service and leave, they can.


Did you follow the average wedding timeline? Or did you find a way to make helpful changes? Tell us in the comments! Call/Text today at  800-942-6281