Time to get up close and personal DC, lets dive deep! Lets ask the question–How far is too far? So you’ll never have to throw your hands up and say, “This has gone too far!”

Welcome to a mini-series where we answer realistic questions to problematic situations that do occur at weddings–but hopefully not yours!

Oh, the toast… Sometimes it goes well, people laugh or are moved and well others, you know, go on and on. So what do you do? What is there to do?

We’ve all seen bridesmaids right; none of us want that to happen, the toast that turns into an argument where undoubtedly, someone always ends up making an ass out of themselves.



Solution Numero Uno!

Hire a DJ, yup it’s that easy. Tell him to use his best judgement or you could even set up a signal. Say if you tug on your right ear that means, “turn it up!” As harsh as this sounds, trust me–a lot more damage could be done from your rambling mother-in-law or your uncle Dave that just had one too many drinks.

The music will go up and your guests will be doing the twist in no time, or the dougie- whatever tickles your fancy.



Solution Two!

Start the slow clap early and start yelling, “Okay! Lets hear it for Uncle Dave! Thank you!” Your guests will appreciate it more than you know.




Solution Three!

Of course you could always be polite and let your guests fall asleep, get angry or become completely unenthused…Or you can step up and help them step down off the stage.

Solution Four!

Carry around a water gun or spray bottle and hope they train like a cat…




Solution Five!

Relax and have some fun, grab a laser pointer and turn it into a comedy act.

If all else fails you could always call your DC limo service like Nationwide Chauffeured Services and get a chauffeured sedan to give his butt a ride home for a good nights rest!

When do you think enough is enough? And what is too much? We want to hear from you and we want to solve your problems–comment and ask questions you would like for us to cover!