Do you see your dog as a part of the family and want your pup to be there for your wedding?

If your dog is the next best thing to great LaGuardia Car Service, then don’t let the naysayers talk you out of it! It’s been done before, and there will be many more weddings with the couple’s’ dog there by their sides, or at least there to be a guest.

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There are a lot of ways you can incorporate your dog into the wedding. Some people have had their beloved pet as the ring bearer, while others have actually married their dog to another dog—but that’s a whole other subject. You can also have your pet be a part of the wedding without participating, but just to have them there to witness, or just for fun.

Mini-dog park. If you’re a dog lover consider telling everyone to invite their dogs, granted that they are well-behaved. The downside to this is the potential of having to hear them bark during your ceremony, depending where you locate them. If you do this, please tell your guests.

Don’t wait until they are exiting LGA Car Service or LaGuardia Airport Limo Service to mention there will be several dogs at your wedding.

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You may have to ask a friend to bring your furry friend. If you plan to take LGA Airport Car Service to the venue, you might have to ask someone to pick up your pet before the ceremony and bring them over.


Another benefit of inviting your family and their pets are the photos. Just as a Black Car Service LGA can rely on is an extension of its driver, it’s said a pet is an extension of their owner.

Plan to get photos chocked full of personality! Call/Text today at 800-942-6281

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