With so many guests, it can be difficult to figure out a gift that is both thoughtful and economical.

Many couples have been opting out of giving wedding guests gifts at all, often small party favors like mints and lotion are overlooked, thrown away. Or left at the tables to pick up later.

DIY Wedding Party Favors that Your Guests Will Love

If you would like to make a gift that is both inexpensive and meaningful, like Executive Car Service Miami loves, then tune into these fantastic money-saving ideas!

Give your guests hand-painted stones, also known as harmony or peace stones. This can be as easy and cheap as going out into your front yard to gather a few handfuls of stones, or grabbing Miami Car Service and picking up a few bags from the dollar store. From all there all you have to do is paint the stones, be it an animal, scenery, or an inspirational word. You can protect your work with a quick coat of hairspray or acrylic sealer.

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Consider a gift that guests can use within a few days. Consumable items often make some of the best gifts. An easy way to start a helpful goodie bag for guests is to buy a few boxes of tea. Packed in individual packages and separate them.

You can decorate the jars with paint and a ribbon to finish them off and make them look as lovely as a Miami Charter Bus Rental.

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Give the gift of transportation. Grabbing a Miami Charter Bus for reliable transit to and from the wedding venue can really save guests a headache.

Other gift ideas:

Candy filled jars
Essential oil rollers
Include a picture of them with the thank you card