While the season of summer being at its peak, there comes more than just the advent of Cheap Limo Service and water activities.

A whole new variety of wild edibles seeking the sun can be found throughout North America. So if you and your partner plan to tie the knot within the next few months, there are plenty of wildflowers that can be selected to add beauty to your wedding cake, and you can eat them too!

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So look up a Limo Near Me, and take a ride to flowering fields to find these spectacular edibles!


Check your backyard for these leafy greens, known as plantain. We’re not talking about the plantain that is kin to bananas, but a fibrous plant that is commonly found, and easily identified.

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These edible leaves are not only great for you, but can add a distinctive look to your wedding cake.


Wood Sorrel is often found along the forest’s edge, hence its name. Resembling bushy clover leaves, emerges small 5 petaled yellow flowers.

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This next one is as easy to identify as it is to reserve our Limo Rental Service. Dandelion, highly celebrated by herbalists, yet hated by homeowners.

Commonly called a lawn weed, dandelions are very edible and quite attractive. The key to using these flowers are to pick them within the same day of using them, or weeks in advance for the flowers to look their best.


Hop in a Cheap Limo Rental, and hop out at your local nursey. Search for violets, they are edible and gorgeous; you can also find wild violets in wooded areas and marshes.

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