Create your personal memory lane

…and prepare for a fun walk down it, later on

Let your guests help create a timeline of pictures from the moment you step into the limousine, ride through DC and hit your wedding destination, to the time everyone decides to go home.

Memories make us who we are, memories shape us and our lives. We cherish them, because we can never go back, the closest we can get to reshape that feeling–are from pictures. Pictures really are worth 1000 words. When we look at them, they spark from within a special place in our hearts. Sometimes we cry, sometimes we laugh, but do smile and know…You were there!

One of the most important moments to many happy couples is when they hear, “And you may now kiss the bride!” Their wedding day lives on through everyone’s memories and the pictures that were taken on that wonderful day. Let’s face it, sometime we just lose stuff–one day your computer crashes and all the pictures disappear.

So! We have some ideas that you can use at your wedding that are not only super fun, (for the chicks, men and the kids), but will also help you hold onto those memories.

personal memory lanes


Here is a really fun original idea that will be a blast to see even after the wedding is over. Let your guests discover all the neat hidden moments throughout your wedding.

Somewhere that is accessible to everyone, have three baskets. One that has envelopes, the second filled with old Polaroid cameras (with film), and the third basket will be where both of the previous items are returned to!
Have the guests take pictures all throughout your wedding, reception and after-party. Your guests will be your eyes and ears of the wedding, taking pictures of moments you may have really wanted to see, but missed it!

Guests will then stack the pictures in the envelopes- in a way creating their own visual story of your wedding. Then have your guests sign the envelopes, (unless they want it to be anonymous—oOOoo, sounds like fun,) then open them all up later! Laugh, cry, cherish and add them to the photo album or scrapbook so you can always have them to look back on.

If you don’t want to go totally retro, you can always use disposable cameras instead! You can find customizable cameras online!

ou can find customizable cameras online!

Another unique and different idea is to have a ‘silent room’ where people can go into, have a seat and record a message for the bride and groom. We’ve all seen The Real World right? We’ll it’s just like that, except without all the cursing and crying (I hope).

This idea is definitely for the brave couple that have nothing to hide, no dirty little secrets lying in wait anywhere, because rest assured, it could likely find its way on that recording. So if you’re an honest couple who wants a good laugh, this would be a fantastic idea to try out. You could even provide a list of questions they could answer; such as:

o What advice do you have the newlyweds?

o Tell a cute childhood story about the bride or groom.

o Where do you see the couple in ten years from now?

o What is your favorite thing about the bride or groom, what makes them a one-of-a-kind?

Remind them to keep it short and sweet!

These ideas produce a heart-warming gift to the bride and groom that they can really smile and look back on. Get Instant Free price Quotes at 800-942-6281