Will it cost more than driving yourself? Sure, but it’s what you gain by sitting back and enjoying the ride.

December 13, 2017 (Washington, DC) – Who would have ever thought that booking a DC limo service would take them out of the area? It could take them to the airport. It might take them up to Baltimore. It might even provide them an option to head out to Annapolis, Alexandria, or one of the other outlying cities that offer many wonderful places to visit.


But up to New York?

Isn’t this a little much? People have never relied on DC Car Service don’t understand the benefit they offer. A “quick” trip up to New York City from Washington, DC might say less than five hours on the GPS, but it’s usually a lot, a lot longer than that. It could take seven, nine, or even 10 hours to get there, depending on traffic and other factors.

Executive Limo Service

That’s a lot of wasted time.

Even if the limo service from DC only takes the minimal amount of time to get there because traffic cooperated, They will have to keep their attention on the road. If they tried to text, read the newspaper, or even crank up the music and sing along with their favorite songs, they are what is considered a distracted driver.

DC Limo Rental

That’s not safe.

It puts the driver, anyone else in the car, and other people on the road at unnecessary risk. Instead, they could be relaxing in the back of a gorgeous, luxurious limousine, checking out the sites. And even asking questions of their driver about the best places to visit in New York City.

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