Checking your Vehicles Oil before Heading to Nashville

Checking your Vehicles Oil before Heading to Nashville


How to Check the Oil in Your Car

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While you may be using Nashville Limo Service, a little love for your trusty vehicle never hurts.

Checking your oil is very important and luckily really easy. When it’s more convenient hop in your car than it is to grab a Nashville Limousine Rental, you won’t regret keeping tabs on your oil.

It’s Easy to Check the Oil in Your Car

Check the oil when the engine is off and has cooled down. All cars are marked where you can do this. You will often find a bright red or bright yellow top of a dipstick that reads ‘oil.’ Some dip sticks have little clips on the side that you will need to push in while others you can simple yank out.

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Pull it out and wipe the current oil off of the dipstick with a paper towel. Replace the dipstick in the same hole, closing it completely so it is in its original position, then pull it back out. If the oil is very clean you may have to turn the stick sideways to read it. The oil level should be in the ‘normal’ range, often marked normal, or marked by two holes, the one at the bottom is the low range and the hole at the top is full.


When the car isn’t big enough, snag a Nashville Party Bus or a Nashville Bus Rental for the whole family!

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