Are you and yours having a kid-friendly wedding?

It can be a joy to have children at the wedding, bringing to the forefront, laughter and glee.

Fun Wedding Activities Kids Will Actually Enjoy

Yet, when boredom strikes, some children have the tendency to get antsy at best. So, if you are promoting friends and family to bring their kids, it’s a good idea to have a few activities lined up to keep children entertained and happy, like a ride on with great Town Car Service.

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Pablo Picasso once said that, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Most kids love a creative way to express their individuality, ideas, and dreams. What better way than to set up an easy art station for children to draw? Instead of buying coloring books, it may be easier to just get online and search for kids coloring templates and print them out in bulk.


Kids will love this one as much as adults love Executive Limo Service.

It’s time to get a tad messy with peanut butter pinecones. This one works particularly well when you are in a countryside venue. Kids can have a treasure hunt to find the perfect pinecone, then easily turn it into a bird feeding treat.

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This can be as helpful as a Cheap Car Service. Can you challenge the kids to take the best wedding photos? Perhaps they will capture fun moments that your photographer didn’t get.

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Other ideas as fun as a Car Service From DC are:


Bug nets.


Sock puppet making.


Paint pictures of the wedding.


Let them each create their own page in the wedding scrap book.