Can bring a pet in a DC limos, but there are a few things you should know first.

“Can I bring a pet in a limo?”

Different DC limo companies have different rules about this.

As for my DC limo company . . . Yes! Bring your pets along for the ride!

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I love animals. I have a Yorkie myself, so I completely understand wanting to bring a pet in a limo for a luxury ride around DC. The only thing my Yorkie likes better than riding in a limo is chasing one. (What can I say? He goes in for old school things like chasing cars and growling at much bigger dogs as though he’s a threat.)

We allow dogs, cats, small furry friends, feathery friends, scaled friends, and fish. (I mean, I guess we allow fish. I’ve never actually had someone ask to bring a fish.)

Service animals are a no-brainer. Of course they’re allowed.

I chauffeur a lot of people and their animal friends around DC. Sometimes I’m picking someone up from Dulles airport in my limo, because they need pet-friendly transport that isn’t of the DC public bus variety.

Sometimes a wedding party has wedding attendant pets. That’s what it’s called when you want your pet to be a part of your wedding, or another special occasion. After all, he’s part of the family, right? Maybe you want your pet in the limo, walking down the aisle, appearing in choreographed fancy photos around DC, or doing other special-occasion-type things with you. Want to check out a company that’s all about pet attendants? It’s more popular than you might think.

Now that I have made it perfectly clear that I love your animals like they was my own, there are a few pet etiquette do’s and don’ts if you’re going to bring a pet for a limo ride in DC.

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Patrick’s DC Limo Petiquette

(I had to do the “petiquette” thing. You know I had to do it.)

  • If you bring a pet in a limo, make sure he’s well behaved. I had a client once whose Fido scratched up my sweet leather seats and chewed on the doors, and then he tried to laugh it off because wasn’t Fido adorable? He didn’t think the bill was adorable.
  • Be aware that we do have a service and cleaning charge if your pet is in the limo and has an accident. It happens. Our little friends can get anxious pretty easily.
  • No wet pets. Sorry. If your dog gets wet in the rain, you’ll have to wait till he’s dry to get in the limo. If your cat gets wet in a puddle . . . you’ve probably got one mad kitty on your hands.
  • That last point about wet pets taken into consideration . . . we can make an exception for wet service pets in the case of an emergency. If your service dog is wet but you have to get to the hospital, we’re not going to wait till your dog is dry. We’ll take care of you.
  • You know what will make your driver love you if you bring a pet in the limo? If you bring a towel for him to lay on.
  • Your driver will also love it if he has a heads up that you’re going to bring a pet in the limo. That way he’ll be able to have his own towels and cleaning equipment on hand, just in case. (We all know it’s better to take care of a pet mess sooner rather than later, right?) So let your limo company know beforehand. (I even make it a point to bring along a few treats if I know you’re bringing your dog. But I’m a special kind of limo driver.)

Any questions about bringing a pet in a limo? Just email us or give us a call. We don’t bite (though we may bark or purr).