Best Alternatives to Bug Spray

So you’ve set your wedding date for the middle of Summer. You already have your Dallas Limousine Service set up, and the Party Bus Pittsburgh will love for the after-party. There is only one downfall to getting married during this wonderful season—you guested it: Bug Spray! What do you do about them? You can opt out of having all of your guests smell like Off and Deet and control this pest by other means; read on and find out how!

Bug spray is Effective

Bug spray is effective for the most part. The only problem is that more and more people have sensitivities to products containing such as of that contain the chemical known as Deet. It may be easier to go the natural route.

Citronella is widely used and known as a safe way to combat bugs. By surrounding the perimeter with tiki torches containing citronella oil are a great way to keep pesky mosquitoes and other flying bugs away from you and your guests.

Aside from luxurious  Party Bus Rental for your bachelorette party

Aside from luxurious Bus Rental Pittsburgh and the Party Bus Rental Dallas loved for your bachelorette party, these torches will add a great touch to photos and an island feel to evening weddings. Say “Hello,” to lavender. Lavender has been known to be an effective bug repellent that is even safe for children. Known to fight off mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and gnats—it has worked its way up in the ranks as a new bug fighter favorite.

So how can you utilize it for your wedding? Plant fresh lavender, hang dried lavender, add lavender oil to tiki torches. Or hand out lavender oil essential oil body rollers as wedding favors. Visit our website for the best wedding transportation services. Request A Quote Now!