I want you to have the best DC limo bus experience ever.

I’m not being altruistic. I want you to come back and ride with me again the next time you need a limo bus in DC. Your satisfaction is my priority for purely personal reasons. I’m invested in it.

DC Limo Party Bus Rental

So in order for you to have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time as you ride around DC in a limo bus, here’s a list of questions that will help you get just what you want, know what to expect, and feel safe.

  • Do your limo bus drivers have CDLs?  This means they’re licensed to drive commercial vehicles. Trust me. You want this.
  • Are you a licensed transportation company in Washington DC? If they say “No,” and then try to give you some reason why being a licensed transportation company is overrated, it’s your turn to say “No.”
  • Are you insured, and what does your insurance cover? Their answers should be “Yes,” and “Everything.”
  • Are you up to date on meeting all DC regulations? Do I have to explain why this is important?
  • What kind of screening do your drivers go through? You’re looking for background checks, of course, but give big bonuses to companies that also take extra security measures, such as fingerprinting.
  • Has the president ridden in this limo bus? It is well known that the president’s got swagger. He may very well have ridden in your limo bus. And if the answer is yes, you can be sure that limo company has some of the best security in DC.
  • Will I have my driver’s direct number? You want to be able to get in touch with the person driving you around DC, right?
  • What are your payment terms? If they want your full payment up front, look at them sideways. (Unless you’re booking the same day that you need the service.) It’s more common to put down a deposit when you book your limo bus, and make the rest of your payment either 24 hours before the service, or at the time of pick up. But if you’re using a pre-paid credit card, there may be an additional cash deposit. (That’s for cleaning. Companies ask for that because sometimes foreign dignitaries visiting DC go all rock star and trash limo buses.)
  • Do you charge for drive time to get to me? If a company is on the other side of DC, they might bill you for the time it takes to get to you.
  • Get a rate quote, and ask if there are any “add-ons” that might show up on your final bill. Some companies charge for things like gasoline or car washes or the street meat your driver bought while you were at dinner. Also, ask if your driver’s tip is included in your charge. If not, be sure to tip your friendly driver! (. . . Please?)
  • What if I need the limo bus for an extra hour? What happens then, huh? . . . WHAT HAPPENS THEN??!!
  • Does the limo bus come with anything like drinks or treats? Some companies will even stock special requests. If you want Red Bull, just ask! If you want champagne (and riders are 21), just ask! If you want deep fried Snickers bars . . . just ask someone else!
  • What kind of music will be in the limo bus? Will your driver provide the entertainment by singing Broadway showtunes of his choosing? Maybe you’d better ask if you can bring your own CD or iPod.
  • What’s my limo bus driver’s favorite One Direction song? Ideally, you want a driver who has never heard of One Direction. But this may be a tall order. So don’t go with a driver who loves “The Best Song Ever” (he’s self-important), but if he likes “What Makes You Beautiful,” he’s a good guy.

As you’re comparing prices, remember that lower prices can also mean lower service. Reserving a limo bus in DC is definitely one of those areas where you get what you pay for.

Whether you’re getting a quote online or over the phone, see if you can talk to someone directly. Pay attention to how quickly they respond to you, and how they talk to you. You want a company, and a driver, who will treat you as a top priority . . . even if they’re having a really busy night because there’s a One Direction concert at the Kennedy Center.