Although arranging transportation for your guests is not generally included in the must-do wedding arrangements, but if you want to go a bit further in welcoming your guests, then why not?

If you are not sure about what arrangements to make, just scroll down and go through our suggestions.  

Charter Bus Charlotte

Airport Transportation

If you are expecting any guests flying down from other places to attend your wedding, then make sure to arrange airport transportation for them. If your guests are landing in a group, then a charter bus would be perfect to pick up your guests from the airport and drop them to their respective destination. Book a quality transportation provider like Charlotte Bus Rental; they offer the best airport transportation services in Charlotte NC with their high-quality charter buses.

Rent a Car!

If your guests live in the same city, then it’s most likely that they will reach the wedding venue on their own. But then you don’t want to compromise on anything, right? Hire rental cars that will provide pick and drop to/from their homes. Sounds impressive, but wait! You can also ask your family members, may be cousins or friends to share your responsibility by using their personal cars. We are sure, not all but few will certainly agree to save you the extra expense.   

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Go for Charter Buses

Once you are done with local guests, it’s time to make arrangements for your out-of-town guests. They will most probably be staying in a hotel, so a hotel shuttle will be apt for the job. Most hotel shuttles accommodate only 6 to 11 passengers, but a charter bus holds a lot more capacity. Hotels generally provide complementary bus service to their guests especially if the rooms are booked in bulk, so ask the hotel’s management first and if they aren’t offering any such service, then go for rental charter buses.


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