Inviting your pet, or other’s pets to your wedding can certainly present a new series of challenges.

All You Need to Know About Having Pets at Your Wedding

If you want your wedding to go smoothly and allow furry friends, refer to this practical guide to making it as easy as reserving a Virginia Wine Tours DC loves for wedding celebrations.

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Firstly, always check with your venue to make sure that it is okay to include pets at your big day. The last thing you would want is to get kicked out mid-wedding because you forgot to run it by the venue choreographer.

If you’re going on Limousine Wine Tours after the wedding, make sure you have a doggie sitter ahead of time.

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Planning in advance may allow you to find a venue that is both indoor and outdoor, with ample room for your furry friends to run and do their duties far away from the reception area.

If it turns out that your pets are more than welcome to your ceremony, you will have to take the time to set things up for, not only your human guests, but your furry ones as well.

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Make it accommodating, like our DC Winery Tours. Be sure that they access have plenty of fresh water. Bring things that they are familiar and comfortable with. For example, if they have a tendency to get nervous. It’s a good idea to bring along their blanket or pillow, and maybe a few toys to keep them busy.

Always bring a leash, and if you don’t plan on walking them everywhere. Get Cheap Limo Service and grab a ground stake. This is a much better option then tying a leash to a post, a stake gives them plenty of needed room.