Most couples will agree that a honeymoon is a vital time to bond with your significant other.

Many couples will choose to look up a Party Bus Near Me, grab an Average Charter Bus Rental Quote, relax on the beach, have deep conversations over a few drinks, and enjoy their stay at exotic locations. However, if you are looking for something a tad more exciting, then read on for the top must-do honeymoon experiences that will bring you two closer together.

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Snorkeling. If you have never been, this is an amazing opportunity not only get in touch with your partner, but with aquatic life as well. Consider visiting the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Skydiving. This is a favorite for adrenaline lovers, or if you just want to feel like Patrick Swayze in Point Break.

Spiritual pilgrimage. Whether you are Buddhist and plan on going to southern Nepal, Muslim and desire to visit Mecca, or Christian and have been thinking about going to Jerusalem; this can be a highly rewarding journey for the both of you.

Wine tours. If you love fine wines, a wine trip on a Cheap Party Bus Rental can make an amazing day trip for the best Honeymoon Experiences.

White water rafting. Rafting is always more fun with friends, but who knows, maybe you will make some along the way!

Grab our anything but Average Party Bus Rental and head to airport for a trip to Venice. Get started with amazing coffee at a local café and be escorted along the canals.

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Hop on an InterRail trip throughout Europe.

If you are athletic, then you might want to consider climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A tour guide can take you to the top, rewarding you with an amazing view from above.

Rent a chauffeured limo and see an opera, play, or comedy show in Holland.

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