Are you trying to figure out how to get the most out of your unique wedding?

Check out these great little additions that will make any wedding the best it can be.

7 Fun Additions to A Perfect Wedding Day

Play relaxing music at the beginning of your wedding. This is one of the most nervous atmospheres for a wedding. Everyone is just arriving, settling in, and getting to know your other friends and family.

To help them feel peace of mind, it would be amazing as Executive Car Service Miami loves, to play peaceful rhythms through the speakers. From classical and spa music, to Celtic and Tibetan sounds. An alternative is to play sounds of nature such as the ocean.

Miami Car Service

Ride away on a horse as impressive as our Miami Car Service. This will support the creation of an event to remember!


Have painting as an available activity at your wedding. This can be a lot of fun, for those who are both talented at art, and maybe not so much. It’s a neat chance to get creative and make a keepsake that guests will enjoy.


Grab a Miami Charter Bus for guest transportation. Guests will be very grateful to receive reliable transportation in a city they may be unfamiliar with, it’s also a great way to say, “Thank you for coming.”

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Offer an untraditional alcohol selection. Many couples have opted out the modern bar for a 50’s style vodka cocktail and bourbon bar, or select various wines to offer instead.


Be your own DJ. Creating a playlist ahead of time of your favorite songs can create the atmosphere you want while dancing, instead of listening to the top 40’s hits.


Bringing all your best mates, friends, and family to really spice of the photoshoot.

Involve everyone, and you’ll be able to get tons of amazing pictures. Call/Text today – 800-942-6281