If your DC limo service is top-notch, you’ll probably never realize what an impact they had on your wedding.

A bottom-notch DC limo service, however . . . let’s just say you’ll realize their impact.

Let me tell you a little story, and give you some tips to check “hire a DC limo service” off your list of ten million things to do.


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Tips to Hire a Wedding Limo Service in DC

The only reason this story even happened was because we had a cancellation that left two limousines open on a Saturday.

I got a call to come in for a last-minute reservation, and I jumped on it. What can I say? I’m married to my job. (A little wedding humor for you there.)

A bride and her divas-in-waiting were doing just that—waiting on the side of the road. See, the bride’s friend’s brother’s mom knew some guy who had a couple of his own limousines, and they decided to hire him instead of going with a quality DC limo service. (Who has limousines just sitting around? What a weirdo.)

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Unfortunately, said guy forgot to mention that the limousines were mismatched, and one was a poorly-kept Cadillac from 1980 that made it about four blocks before breaking down.

I shudder to think what would have happened if we hadn’t had a cancellation that day.

  • TIP 1: Reserve your DC limo service about six months before your wedding. What if we hadn’t had any limousines available?
  • TIP 2: Do a little research into the best DC limo service companies. Don’t hire the weirdo. Give the limo company a call, and see how they treat you over the phone. Ask if they have wedding packages.
  • TIP 3: Think about the style of your wedding before selecting the vehicles you want. You might even want to go to the physical location of your DC limo service, and check out their fleet. Does your wedding have a classic flair? Go for traditional stretch limos. (Black is a great color, because it looks best in photos against the bride’s white dress.) Is it a Duck Dynasty theme wedding? Go for a limo bus or Hummer limo.

I pulled up (in my limousine from this century), gave everyone a bottle of water, and introduced myself. The girls’ feet were hurting in their strappy heels after standing on the side of the road, so I distributed band-aids. I assured them that a fellow DC limo service driver (my friend Bradford) was driving the groom’s party in a limo matching my own.

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  • TIP 4: Consider how many limousines near me, you’ll need, and how many passengers will be in each. I drove a bride once who even reserved an extra car. Just in case something happened to one of the first.

Back to my little story.

It was good that I knew the photographer they had hired—the DC wedding scene is a small world—and I was familiar with the photo shoot location. I knew just where to park my limo so it would look good in the background without getting in the way.

It was also good that I knew the ladies’ names, because when the Mother of the Bride worried about where the Maid of Honor had disappeared to, I could say, “She ran to the bathroom to fix her hair.”

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  • TIP 5: Make friends with your limo chauffeur. He’s on your side, and he can help everything run more smoothly if he knows who is who, and what is what.

So you see, friends, a great DC limo service has a big effect on your wedding day.

That’s why I love my company. We help everything run smoothly while staying in the background. We’ll get you from point A to B to C safely and on time. And we’ll do it all with a regal sense of style that will make you feel like William and Kate.

  • TIP 6: Ask your DC limo service about backup plans, in case of emergency. What happens if the limo breaks down? If the driver is sick?

I felt like a scholar and a gentleman that day. I almost felt bad for the ginormous tip I received afterwards, like it took away from the altruistic nature of the entire event.