Let’s face it, when you have that many people all in one place, things have the potential to…well…get a little smelly.

This is especially true if you have plans for a summer wedding, or if your venue is older and doesn’t have proper air ventilation.

6 Subtle Ways to Eliminate Odors in Your Wedding Venue

The last thing anyone wants is to have a wedding that smells less than fresh. So if you want your wedding to smell as fresh as our Atlanta Limo Service. Read on for these amazing, intrusive, and clever tips.

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You can have your wedding venue smelling as wonderful as a Atlanta Prom Limo with air fresheners. They’re simple, cheap, and effective.


If you have essential oils, there are hundreds of ways you can use them to make your wedding smell like a floral bouquet. A cool-mist diffuser is not only an excellent way to add a little moisture to the air, but drop in a few of your favorite essential oils and your venue will smell great in no time.

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You can also use essential oils in reed diffusers, put a couple drops on the flower in the table center pieces or find more creative means. Filling up glass votives with pebbles and potpourri is an elegant touch to any table, drop essential oil over the pebbles and now it’s even more practical, like our Atlanta Wedding Limo.

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Wax burners are an alternative to essential oils. They smell great and are inexpensive. You can buy electric wax burners from most department stores, or drop them into a candle-heated wax burner.


Have every feel relaxed like they just took a ride in Car Service Atlanta by adding fresh flowers all over your wedding venue. Select highly fragrant in-season flower for good prices.

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