The average wedding that takes place in the United States costs over two thousand just on flowers, add in the venue, food, and vendors like caterers, Houston Limo Service, and planners; the median spent is $35,000 dollars.

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If you and yours are trying to find ways to reduce your wedding budget and save more for the honeymoon, we have a list as helpful as our Houston Limousine Rental.

Save on snacks. Often couples will spend way too much on pre-wedding and cocktail party snacks. Try keeping it simple, hire someone in the family to make them, or reduce the number of cupcakes you offer to your guests.

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Put a limit on the number of drinks your guests can grab from the bar. Instead of paying for everyone’s drinks all night, give out drink tickets limiting each guest to two free drinks. From there, they will have to pick up the tab themselves.

Instead of seeking an additional after party venue, grab a Houston Party Bus. It serves as both transportation and a venue. Saving you from renting out rooms and areas in popular clubs and local pubs.

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From cooking and designing, to photography. Chances are you could hire friends and family for much less than a professional big-name designer.

Did people have problems with a company overcharging? Go with trusted companies, like a Party Bus Rental Houston has depended on for over a handful of years.

Have a fundraiser. Be it on Gofundme, or a fun activity at the wedding. This can help you pay off wedding loans, or put more cash towards the honeymoon.