Preparing the perfect guest house for your wedding can be as simple as making the beds and sweeping the porch.

With the following tips you can succeed beyond hospitality and turn your guest home into a five star hotel experience.

6 Easy Ways to Prepare The Perfect Wedding Guest House

Whether your guests are arriving from an Atlanta bus charter rental or a party bus Boston loves, have a room prepared for their tired eyes. Guests will very much appreciate the hospitality of a ready to use guest room.

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Wash all pillowcases, sheets, covers and towels. Even if the amenities are clean and have been untouched, you should cleanse them all once again before they are used. This will give the clothe a fresh smell and soft appeal. A good as new comforter could be all it takes to turn the stay into a better experience.


Have new soaps and shampoos available. Guests will love to have a fresh new set of hygienic supplies available to start their ride on the Atlanta charter bus.

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Vacuum and sweep all floors, and clean counter tops and tables. Having the refrigerator semi stocked with morning meal options will help with the travel expenses your guests have paid by saving them money on fuel of their own.

Clean, fresh, availability of food and comfort, these are the things that can change a simple guest house into something much more.

Have your guests loving everyday of their retreat and feeling great before they board the bus rental Boston. Call/Text Now – 800-942-6281