The prom is coming in less than five hours and you have to print your homework.

The class is important and if you can turn the work in early you can secure a better grade. However you have a problem, your black ink is disappearing as you print and then comes to a stop all together.

5 Sure Fire Ways to Get Your Printer Working Before Prom

Do not get stressed, there is a simple way to fix the problem before the Chicago Motor Coach Rental comes to pick you up.

Chances are your printhead is clogged or the feed is incorrect. There are several ways to go about fixing this problem.

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Your printer and all printers have a maintenance option, you will have to go into this option to begin repairs. Hope you have some time on your side because this could take a bit, stay calm. And while you wait and dream of the Chicago Party Bus your friends have rented.

Checking the ink nozzles will show you which color has the problem and from here we can decide whether to clean all or just the specific damaged color.

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Running the clean printhead option is where our time is spent, it cannot be sped up but you can make use of the time to call your Chicago Bus Rental and reassure you schedule.

Now that you have checked the nozzle and cleaned it, you should print an alignment test to see if the problem has been resolved. If you have broken lines on your print sheet simply run the cleaning process until the lines are full.

Once you have a good working printhead grab your homework and board your Chicago Charter Bus Rental, the prom is waiting and you are ready to dance. Call/Text today – 800-942-6281