It is always fun when wedding guests get a surprise that they never would have expected. A great way to surely catch them off guard is to have the wedding a surprise all together.

5 Fantastic Reasons to Hold a Surprise Wedding

Start by arranging a surprise engagement party. Set up your venue to look just like an engagement surprise. But have it ready to be easily transformed into a wedding venue.

Order the car service Lax Airport now but have it set to pick you up later on in the night, and let the fun begin.

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Guests will show up from both sides expecting an engagement ceremony only to find out it is the real thing. Your guests may wish they had time to order a black car service LAX, but the fun is in not prepared. Your guests will love the idea and feel even more special knowing it was set up just for them.

Hire a person capable of legally practicing marriages and have them waiting at the venue with you to instantly initiate the surprise.

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Also having this special unexpected guest show up by way of LAX car service is a fantastic idea that will leave guests stunned and happy.

A wedding of any scale is a celebration, but make sure to try your best to get everyone involved. Though you have friends who might only show for an actual wedding it is important to be sure they come to this event as it will be the actual wedding. A great incentive is to afford them an LAX Airport limousine.

Celebrate on premises of the venue and even stay late. This is your night of celebration, enjoy the surprises it can bring you as well as the LAX limo service.