Themed bachelor parties are a bit rare and sometimes overlooked, but there are some great ideas worth looking into.

Whether you dress as pirates and rent a San Antonio limo rental to cruise the city, or you have an early Halloween with a massive bonfire party, your bachelor party could use a fresh idea.

San Antonio Limo

Have a golf themed bachelor party with a San Antonio limo delivering you from course to course. Dress the part and have a blast on the greens. A sunny day and a new outlook will provide you and guests with an unbeatable golf enthusiast outing.

Set up camp at a great fishing location and build a bonfire while you have a competition for the best bass. Tradition has a way of including fishing trips whether with fathers or close relatives.

Pittsburgh limo service

The stories that come from these fishing trips are often larger than life and hold many opportunities for fun. Have a Pittsburgh limo service ready to take you have and ready for the wedding.

Feeling a bit more daring than a fishing trip or golfing? Go big with an extreme sports outing. Gather your guests on a Pittsburgh prom limousine ride and head out to climb rocks, bungee jump, or get into some off road sports like dirt biking.


The fun of a bachelor party is in the unexpected. The adventures and memories are always big and often hilarious.