Dressing the wedding can be a difficult task. Coordinating the clothes and dress list could be less stressful and more lighthearted with these simple ideas.

5 Easy Ideas to Help You Take Control of Wedding Clothes

Far before your guests board the DFW airport limousine you should send out a check list with the invitations. Include what guests are to expect as far as theme and make clear instructions as to what will be worn.

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Pictures of what to wear found online will be an easy transition for your guests to follow and prepare them to succeed at making the fit for the wedding look.

You wouldn’t want your guests meeting up in different attire at the DFW airport car service only to find that someone didn’t quite get the look you were after.

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Again using pictures, but this this time showing guests what not to wear is a fun way to let them know what is expected. No one likes being wrong so make them feel right and in the style you have chosen as they travel in the DIA airport limousine.

Getting everyone on the same page is important, especially if you are planning a themed wedding. Knowing what to wear and when to wear it should be included in the itinerary as well as the link to the Denver airport transportation. Always have some spare over coats and blazers for the stubborn, and forgetful.

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Follow your plan and make sure the guests are following the same one, the results will be easy to see and with everyone in unity your wedding will be just as you envisioned it. Call/Text today – 800-942-6281