Everywhere’s a sign! And it’s really not a bad idea.

Usually the bride and groom are so busy during the wedding they won’t get the chance to talk to their guests as much as they’d like too.


Signs can help guests feel appreciated, it can help people find their way around, and inform them on what time things will be taking place, as well as when. In essence, they can be a big help, just like our Limo Rental Service.

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Providing signs for guests that will be traveling out of town is very helpful. Sure, everyone has GPS, but your guests won’t have to guess and wonder if they see signs on the corner as they get close. This is also a way to get your guests excited as they know the fun is about to begin!


The welcome sign is another that guests love and will likely be the first picture to surface on social media as soon as people start arriving. Giving your guests a warm welcome can really go a long way.

It can simply say “Welcome,” or something like “You’re here! So glad you could make it!”

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Providing signs that inform guests on when the ceremony will begin, the reception, cake cutting, and after party in a Cheap Limo Rental, can be a very cost effective as opposed to hundreds of flyers; it’s also easier to clean up!


If there is a room in a venue that is off limits—let guests know with a sign.


Signs can also make really nice reminders. There’s always that one person that forgets to turn off their cell phone—hanging up signs to jog their memory may just save your wedding!


Put a sign where people can get responsible limo or car service instead of searching a Limo Near Me, you can already have cards for local Cheap Limo Service. Call/Text today at 800-942-6281

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