Your big day is coming up soon and you have invited all of your friends and family, and it seems that things are going to turn out as amazing as Car Service DC can trust.

You hang up the phone after receiving an RSVP and your best pal is at your feet wagging its tail.

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They are possibly the only close friend that you haven’t given an invitation, yet you see them every day and that are undoubtedly a part of your life.

So, maybe you’re thinking, can I invite my pet to my wedding?

Only you can make that decision, but know that many people around the world have found it very gratifying to have their best furry buddy attending their wedding.

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There are many ways you can even have your fuzzy friend participate in your wedding. Of course, they will surely be pleased just to be there, but here are some ideas as great as DC Corporate Car Service, that you can utilize for pet-friendly weddings.


Ringbearer. You might be surprised to see just how many people have had their pets successfully deliver their shining promise to the happy couple.

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Is your pet as relaxed as an Executive Car Service DC can kick back in? Why not select them to be one of your best men or bridesmaids? Smaller dogs happily wear warm clothes during the colder seasons.


Is your fuzzy pal as entertaining as a Party Bus Rental DC  loves? Then they would probably be a fantastic way to keep the kids busy and happy. It’s also a sure way that your pal will sleep soundly that night. Call/Text now at 800-942-6281