Deciding where to go and what to do for your honeymoon can be daunting. Do you want to relax, or take this opportunity to travel for a bit? If you and yours love the good outdoors, especially when it comes to water, then you will love these fantastic ideas! Look up “Limo Service Near Me,” grab Executive Limo Service and take a ride to some of these most amazing natural water slides around the United States.

Bridal Veil Falls

Formerly known as the Niagara of the South, this river used to be a raging one before dams were put into place. While it may not carry the natural speed it once had, the dam has allowed the downstream areas to be safer, safe enough for families and couples alike to enjoy what has become an amazing natural water slide. Seated in Tallulah Gorge State Park, you can take a ride down a 30-foot smoothly sloped rock face into a deep pool of water.

Slide Rock State Park

Grab an Executive Limousine and head to Slide Rock State Park in Arizona where multiple renown westerns were shot. The slide runs through smooth part of the gorgeous Oak Creek Canyon, not only is it a fun ride, but the scenery is outstanding.

Franconia Falls

Situated in White Mountain National Forest is a water park like slide that is 20-foot in length, shooting you out into a beautiful natural pool, contained by large smooth rocks. It’s so perfect it almost looks like it was man-made.

Sliding Rock

Look for an Airport Limo Near me for a ride to Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. Their park features two natural water slides, so if one is busy, you can head down the road to visit the other one. These slides are wide, so you and your significant other can slide together down a cool piece of slide granite.