Halloween is in the air, no matter if you’re riding in a Dallas Limousine Rental, or in northern Kentucky riding with CVG Airport Car Service.

There is an amazing venue in every state that is perfect for a Halloween wedding, and we are going to share these great places with you.

4 Amazing Haunted Halloween Wedding Venues

Grab Dallas Limo Service and take a ride east to Gainswood Plantation in Demopolis, Alabama.

You can leave your guests with goosebumps by having your wedding in this cool and chilling mansion. It’s said that Eliza Robertson’s ghost still roams the halls, a former governess in 1854.

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Grab Limo Service Dallas loves and visit this ghost town. If the town’s name—Tombstone isn’t creepy enough, find Big Nose Kate’s Saloon and take a trip back to the wild west.

This saloon was built in the 1800’s and although it’s now seated within a ghost town, luckily you can still tie the knot at this fantastically preserved venue. Many guests have caught apparitions in photos, they’re said to be of an old miner that goes by the name of Swamper.

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Hop in a CVG Airport Limousine and head to the Rockwood Park and Museum. Many thrilled newlyweds have said their “I do’s,” in this supposedly haunted mansion seated in Wilmington, Delaware.

The accounts of this creepy 150-year-old estate as landed on the TV series My Ghost Story. If you would rather have a friendly haunting, you may want to have your wedding reception in Hawaii, at the Hilton Village in Honolulu.


The two theories behind her appearance is that she was murdered at the hotel, the other, she is the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele. Call/Text today – 800-942-6281