Even if you have been to a wedding before, it can still be difficult to put yourself in their shoes.

What would they have done? Grab Las Vegas Limos for family?

What did they do that they wish they hadn’t of? Surely everyone will have their own set of unique should-have’s and could-have’s, but knowing ahead of time can only help that much more.

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What did newlyweds have to say?


One couple wished they would have checked further into their Las Vegas Limo Service. The moment your plane touches down in the city you have chosen to tie the knot, is imperative.

A great Party Bus Missouri can help make the most of of your celebration and provides a smooth ride to the hotel, while the alternative can be a rude awakening, making the city seem uninviting already.

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Frequently people find that they went a little overboard in some area of the wedding. They splurged on six hundred dollar cupcakes, or personalized napkins, when they would have rather gotten something a little more useful and fun, such as an Party Bus Las Vegas loves. Try to identify your urges before they turn into splurges and you’re left with a tight budget. Ask “Do I really need this?” Or try asking, “Why do I feel like this is item is necessary? And is it valid?”

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After years have passed many couples find that they wished they would have gotten at least a few short videos.

Such as your night on the Charter Bus Missouri locals recommended.

They have hundreds of pictures, but there is something special about looking back on that very day, you and yours with feet propped up on the couch watching how it really went down. Call/Text Now at 800-942-6281

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What did you regret not doing? Or what did you have to have at your wedding? Tell us in the comments!