Whether it’s your wedding, a friend’s, your son or daughter’s, or somebody else’s wedding that is fast approaching, there are many details to consider.

One of them is how or when you’re going to decorate the wedding limo rental. The wedding limo is a vehicle the bride and groom will get into following the ceremony, either to take them on their way to the honeymoon, a reception, or somewhere else.

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Here are three simple ideas for decorating a wedding car. If you don’t want to be bothered having to clean up afterward or worry about damage, consider a Hummer Limo DC  instead.

An LA wedding could be a great time, as long as the bride and groom are treated properly. All of the guests at the wedding can also rely on transportation instead of driving themselves when you contact a quality Los Angeles charter bus rental.

Now, about those ideas for decorating a wedding car, consider these below.

Idea #1: Streamers.

Adding streamers to the car can be a tricky thing, as they can get caught in the wheels and torn off before the vehicle gets very far. Also, certain places have restrictions when it comes to anything added to a vehicle.

Streamers can be a lot of fun driving down the road as other motorists will likely honk, wave, and offer their own congratulations.

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Idea #2: Confetti inside.

A bit tricky to clean up, spreading confetti inside the newlyweds’ vehicle can be a bit of fun, especially if it’s a surprise.

Idea #3: Shaving cream.

When the bride and groom get into their getaway vehicle, the wedding guests can all write personal messages using shaving cream or other washable substances.

The best thing to do, though, is consider a Hummer limo for any Los Angeles wedding. That allows the bride and groom to get away in comfort and style.

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