If you decide to go with a theme for your wedding, it’s possible that décor can start to get expensive.

After all, if you decide to go with Beauty and The Beast, it’s likely you’ll have to get certified Disney items, unless you want to grab the knock-offs where Belle has purple hair.

cheapest themes, that are still amazing

Luckily, we’ve found some of the cheapest themes, that are still amazing, almost as amazing as Limo Wine Tours. Mexican fiesta. Traditional décor that stems from Mexico is vibrant and beautiful. Color scheme includes bright and bold hues of reds, oranges, yellows, tans, and dark blues. This theme is simple to pull off because if you shop during the summer for décor, you will find tons of choices when it comes to bright colors.

Better yet, your menu options are inexpensive as well, feature an enchilada or taco bar. Your festive wedding will be as great as DC Wine Tasting.

DC Limo Wine Tours

Alice in Wonderland. Color scheme includes shades and tones of blues, yellows, purples and reds. This is an easy one because of the myriad of colors available, and all the accessories featured throughout the story. You can easily pick up inexpensive saucers and tea cups, and feature a tea station.

Clocks are easy to come by, find bulk hats online, and you can still find playing cards under a dollar a pack. Creating this fun atmosphere will be as enjoyable as Limousine Wine Tours.

Limo Wine Tours

 The great outdoors. Having a wedding theme that works with nature can save you a lot of money. Color scheme includes whites, ivory, browns, and greens.

Hummer Limo

Hang up lights, grab tea light candles, and buy flower that are in season and you can save money like you would on a Cheap Hummer Limo.


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