Fall weddings allow couples to use seasonally Cheap Limo Service and beautiful color palettes, thankfully there are many flowers to choose from that can match that autumn feel.

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Of course, you can choose any flowers you want, but prices can get steep when they are imported from around the globe. A less expensive route is to go with flowers that are in season during the cool fall months.

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If you want your wedding to look luxury, like DC Winery Tours, but not spend the bulk of your budget, check out these wonderful fall flower choices.

Choose a color scheme as stunning as our Limousine Wine Tours.

Limousine Wine Tours and color scheme

Royal red flowers:




Red Yarrow


Royal red flowers for Wedding

Orange flowers:

Orange Gerbera



Asiatic Lily


Bright and Bronze Yellows:

Chrysanthemum (mums)


Yellow Tulips

Marigolds—A plus is that they are known to repel snakes and unwanted bugs.


Pale and Blush Pinks:


Pink Gerbera



Pure Whites:

Daisy’s Spray

Babies Breath


White Lillies—Be careful these are poisonous to children and animals.

Wax flowers





Solidago makes for a wonderful filler, it’s lime green hue can easily pull colors together from around the room.

Lemon leaf makes for an attractive addition to bouquets, its dark green color is similar to that of rose bush leaves.

Tulips are an inexpensive hardy flower that can be found in several different colors.

Carnations come in various colors, and can even be dyed to match your wedding color scheme. Ranging from white, to pale blues, and purples.

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