Your bridesmaids are some of the most important people in your life, your closest friends.

That may be why it is so difficult for some when trying to choose the perfect bridesmaids gifts. You probably want to give them something meaningful, but not spend a fortune.

23 Amazing Personalized Bridesmaids Gifts

That is why we put together this list as helpful as a SUV Limo Rental, your bridesmaids will love these personalized gifts!It may be simple, but it is also practical, because who doesn’t use a towel every day?

Grab personalized towels with their initials on it, or have printed on it a sentence that is meaningful between you two. Instead of being something stashed on a shelf, this can remind them of your great times together more often.

SUV Stretch Limos

Every lady needs a good bag. Why not get a customized one? From clutches and handbags, to purses and book bags, they will all come in handy.

Give your ladies the gift of stylish transportation in a SUV Stretch Limo or Super Stretch Limo. They will love being pampered for the day!

What do your bridesmaids like to drink? Tea, beer, whiskey, or wine? Tea drinkers will love a customized tea cup, consider adding a wonderful phrase, picture, or just go with their initials. You can order friends a frosted beer mug, or elegant wine glass if that is what they prefer.

Stretch Limousine

Just like everyone loves a Stretch Limousine, your bridesmaids will love a cozy robe. Consider customizing it with one of their favorite things. Do they love Snoopy?

Cats? A favorite author or quote? Other great gift ideas are a: bracelet, necklace, candle, incense, balloon, Stretch Limousine Rental, fleece throw, blanket, pillow, tapestry, pot holder, welcome mat, plant in custom pot, or a sign.