Looking for wedding themes online can be a huge search, with millions of results in seconds and endless ideas at your fingertips.

If you want your wedding theme to be unique like our Houston Tour Buses, read this one-of-a-kind list of some of the best themes that will bring you closer to the heart.

12 Highly Tranquil Wedding Themes You’ll Love

Consider a theme as fresh as Houston Town Car Service—the universe. You can create your own omniverse between you and yours, featuring your hopes, dreams, and constellations. Each month period has dedicated to it a constellation that is associated with your zodiac sign.

You can get very crafty when setting up for your universe. Consider hanging stars for your constellations, creating custom backdrops with the milky way, personalized wine glasses with the big dipper, and so much more.

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Are you looking for a wedding theme as relaxing as a Houston Charter Bus ride? Consider going for a Zen atmosphere. Create a tranquil ambience with the glow of candles, stone and sand centerpieces, Tibetan colors, and peaceful music.

Always consider working with nature.Be it bringing in animals and a trainer, or having a wedding in the forest. Grab Car Service Houston can rely on and seek out clever ways you can incorporate these peaceful ideas into your wedding:

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Rock garden
Sand garden
60’s & 70’s style peace
Old world simplicity
Zen rock maze
Harps and acoustic guitars
Paper lantern ceremony