Going conventional and traditional has its place in weddings.

Simple can be elegant, formal can ensure things go smoothly, and typical time-lines, and activities can make for a less costly and quicker wedding.

However, living in the internet age, we have billions of ideas at the tips of our fingers, like ways to party in a Party Bus Rental; ways to make weddings more fun, more interesting and fantastic ways to capture some of the best moments spent with family. More and more this is what weddings are transforming into. It’s a celebration of love, two people and two families coming together in a fun and loving atmosphere.

So what can you provide at your wedding to create an environment that’s as fun as a DC Bachelorette Party Bus and promotes socialization?

Consider renting a photo booth.

Create your wheel of fortune! You can even use this to fundraise for your honeymoon.

Have a bonfire.

Rent Affordable Charter Buses.

Mad lib cards!

Choose a fun ring bearer. Consider a niece or nephew, or even your favorite pet.

For the laid humorous family only—have an obnoxious. But fun, flower girl, maybe she’ll throw the rose petals at people instead for a few laughs.

Have an address book set out for your guests to fill. So you can send them thank you cards with much more ease.

Hire a vehicle as fun as a Prom Party Bus.

Fun facts about the bride and groom on each table. This way guests can learn more about you two!

Create a first anniversary piñata! Leave a hole open inside the piñata for guests to include messages for the couple to read after they bust it open a year from now. Call/Text today at 800-942-6281

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