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Go all out on Bachelor/ Bachelorette Parties in West Virginia

After the wedding planning is final or its approaching its final stages, a bachelor /bachelorette party to celebrate your final days of single-hood is in order. Planning these parties do not have to take too much of your time or stress you out. most importantly, who said bachelor and bachelorette parties only have to take place at night and involve strip clubs and too much drinking?

Surely there’s nonesuch rule. Therefore, get out there and make a difference with your bachelor/bachelorette parties. Break out of your limits with amazing places, restaurants, clubs and landmarks you can visit to celebrate this day with your friends by using West Virginia Charter Bus and WV Party Bus.

Don’t Hold Back and Enjoy!!

A bride looking to have a chatty and laid back time with her friends would consider going out for a spa day; lay back, get pampered, get your nails done, drink lots and lots of wine (of course with a designated driver available) and just chat the day away reminding yourselves of the good old days. You can also get down to Baker Beach and lie down on the sand or play beach ball the whole afternoon.

But the laid back bachelorette or bachelor parties are loved by few. For those looking for a wild day, why not hire a West Virginia Party Buses from one of the West Virginia Bus Rental companies in West Virginia and get wild while hopping from club to club. These buses have everything you will need including a pole in the middle for pole dancing. Play those silly games on the road, dance and stay safe knowing the driver will take you safely to your destinations.

How about getting these buses to take you out of town to Napa Valley or Sonoma for a wine tasting trip? What’s more, you and your boys/girls can transform the party to a weekend out and take the whole weekend having all the fun in the world.

Leave the driving to West Virginia Party Bus Rentals companies!!!

This idea in the She-n-He about getting silly and putting on these ugly dresses and walking in public with them can also be incorporated into the bachelor parties. How about joining the parties and have both the ladies and the gentlemen dare each other in public to do silly stuff or simply get together for a hiking into the Twin Peaks while you play scavenger hunt. Good thing, there are CT Limo Service companies that provide guides for such trips just in case there are unfamiliar territories.

Bored of strip clubs? Get down to a karaoke bar and have fun laughing and embarrassing yourself trying to sing out your heart. Seriously, guys need to try this especially when mixed with booze.

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You will be looking at those pictures and videos days or months later and reliving the moments. Some bars have private party rooms so if you are afraid of strangers, you can get into these rooms, sing like crazy and even have dance competitions. If the idea of a strip club still fascinates the boys, how about you go to top strip clubs that open till the wee hours of the morning like the Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club which goes up to 4am on Thursdays and 5am on Fridays. They offer reservations, full dining, entertainment and of course topless entertainers for the guys and the ladies.

A point to remember is that it’s important to enjoy this day and make it about you and your friends. Do not hold it too early before the wedding or a day to the wedding. All of you need enough rest before the big day. Don’t forget to keep the photo and video memories perhaps enjoying Party Bus Rental Virginia and Charter Bus West Virginia..

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