Wedding Day Debacles: Things that could go wrong!

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There are times when even the most meticulously-planned weddings end up being a disaster.  But that should not happen to you. Make sure to avoid these 7 mishaps and soon you will be on your honeymoon, smiling while remembering the perfect day.

    1. A super unreliable bridesmaid: Is she recovering from a hangover? Did she have a little more than her drinking limit? Who is going to do all the chores for you? You may feel frustrated, but you have to act quickly. Assign someone else the duties of the bridesmaid, and ask your chosen one to go and have a peppermint tea. Book today Charlotte limo service at 800-942-6281
  1. Your DJ got some issues: Is he playing all break up songs or is out of his mind playing rock metal at your wedding? In any case, have a playlist made in a USB and bring it along. It might not be a good day for your DJ but that doesn’t mean you should have one too!
  2. Rain: Well, you should have checked for those months ago. There is a reason why scientists and programmers are keeping themselves awake at night to come up with accurately weather predicting apps. USE THEM!
  3. Children: Aren’t they cute? Yes, they are until they disappear or decide to throw a tantrum the minute they are supposed to walk down that aisle and just do the tiny job of throwing some flowers here and there, no pattern required whatsoever. But no, how can they? They JUST have to get on your nerves and do the complete opposite.
  4. Wardrobe malfunctions: ‘The dress is too tight or too loose’, ‘this is not what I ordered’, ‘oh god what am I going to do?’ Of course the dress can be refunded but the wedding can’t be postponed just because you didn’t get your dress made perfect. The only way to avoid such a mishap is that you pre-order the dress before a day or two and just don’t hang it in the corner. Be like Monica and Phoebe from FRIENDS and try it on as soon as you get your hands on it.
  5. Family Feuds: Yes, there are some absolutely ill-mannered, more likely drunken family friends who don’t get along with themselves and take it out on each other in the only place they were asked to come sophisticated. Alert your bridesmaids and groomsmen to keep an eye on all the drinking parties to ensure they don’t ruin your perfect day.
  6. Guests don’t come on time: That too happens at times and imagine if you are having a wedding in a church where others are getting married on the same day as you, then that can be a serious problem. Allow us to take care of that. Cincinnati Party Bus will be the ride of your time; we promise.


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