Safe Prom Service- Because we have children too

We are ready to transport your for any occasion!

For parents:

We don’t tolerate drugs, alcohol or cigarettes while the students are in our prom limos and no surprise riders will be allowed in your child’s prom limo on prom night without prior parental approval. Book now Dallas limousine rental

Because of this, we offer Safe Prom Service ONLY IF REQUESTED

  • You will have our chauffeur’s cell phone number to contact him/her at any time
  • We have the exact location via GPS of the vehicle at all times
  • The chauffeur will have a designated parents cell number, as well as one alternative parent’s cell number in case drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or unexpected riders show up.
  • If the chauffeur sees the children are acting like they may be under the influence of any kind of substance, or suspects there may be some danger, he/she will notify the designated parent immediately.
  • The chauffeur will not accept any tips from the children. The client is considered the parent, and the parents wishes will be catered to.
  • Any change in plan, program or destination must be cleared through verbal and then text message confirmation with one of the designated parents.


We are available 24/7 and have the vehicle to suit your needs!